My names Conor, I'm an Irish backpacker/ travel agent who had some experiences when looking for farmwork in Australia for my second year visa. These were farm work jobs that were terrible at the time, but hilarious to look back on. My first farm work was working for $4 an hour on a farm in northern New South Wales,  chopping Asian vegetables, working alongside gun-nuts, avoiding conversion therapy, and living in a barn (It's amazing what you'll do when you want to get those 88 days over and done with). I quit that job, and went from there to a horse farm in a valley outside the gold coast.. for $250 a week. For that price, sleeping in a caravan and living with a 65 year old Aussie guy and his Thai wife in the mountains was not worth it. And then finally moving up to the Sunshine Coast staying in what could possibly be the worst hostel in the world, and working in fields picking strawberries for $1 a kilo. Somehow, picking strawberries was the best job of those three. Follow my advice on what not to do!

After these experiences I decided to make the most of my time in Australia, heading to Brisbane and eventually getting a job as a backpacker travel agent in Australia and New Zealand's largest backpacker company, the first job in my life that I actually enjoyed. With this job I traveled across Australia and New Zealand, checking out the vast majority of tours that are on this site- This is how I can advise exactly what to bring, where to go, and how it all works, I've been there!

You could say Tripfarm is a combination of my experiences in Australia, and an attempt to make it easier for other backpackers in my situation (And cheaper!). And plus, when you're stuck working on a farm, what better motivation to stick with than having a sweet holiday planned for when you finish?