Atlantic Clipper (2 Day 2 Night)

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Atlantic Clipper (2 Day 2 Night)

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Ah the Clipper, The party boat of the Whitsundays, that never fails to live up to its expectations. 54 people, 2 slides, a 3 metre jumping platform, a jaccuzi, SUP, option of scuba diving, and an epic themed party one night.. Whats not to love. The best way to see the Whitsundays if you want to party and still see all the sights. With the king and queen of the clipper getting free drinks back on the land the night you return.

Departs 1:30pm, Tuesday Thursday Saturdays.

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All food,snorkel gear, and park fees are included on 2 day/ 1 night boats. All overnight boats are BYOB, but no red wine or glass is allowed on board.

Every 2 day/2 night cruise from Airlie Beach follows roughly the same path. Each boat leaves Shute Harbour at lunch time, and begins sailing north around the top of Hook Island. Each boat moors here for a little while, and you get to experience your first snorkeling on the Whitsundays! Expect plenty of marine life, and the crews can help identify different species. After the first snorkel, lunch is provided on board, and most dietary requirements area catered for. 
After lunch, the cruise heads south, and makes for the calm inlets at the bottom of Hook Island. Here, the boats anchor up for the evening, and you don't need to worry about getting seasick- the inlets block most of the waves. Here, dinner is served, and some boats have blue lights on their hull, which allows you to go dolphin spotting at night. The first night is normally a quiet affair- everyone is only getting to know eachother. 

The next morning, the crew wake you up bright and early, and breakfast is served. Some boats head straight to Whitehaven Beach and Hill Inlet lookout, while others snorkel for the morning and head to Whitehaven Beach in the afternoon. This means Whitehaven Beach is never too packed. Hill Inlet lookout is the viewpoint overlooking Whitehaven Beach, and is only a 5 or 10 minute walk down to the beach. At Whitehaven Beach, there is some of the whitest sand in the world, and in the waters around the beach you can spot stingrays, lemon sharks, and many more. Time on Whitehaven Beach varies, it can be anywhere between one hour and three hours, depending on how the group feel.
Lunch and dinner are again provided, and some boats offer scuba diving in the afternoon of the second day. The second night is usually more lively, and certain boats (The Atlantic Clipper, the Maxi Yachts) tend to have a more 'social' atmosphere the second night. 

On the final morning, you once again head north around Hook Island and stop for a final snorkel/stand up paddle board/ dive, and finish back in Shute Harbour around lunch time. 



-Visit the top sights, Whitehaven Beach, Bush walk up to Hill Inlet and several dive spots.
-Sail throughout some of our 74 Islands.
-Snorkel/dive/swim  stunning pristine reefs
-SCUBA dive – We are the best equipped dive vessel in the Whitsundays.
-Massive sun bathing decks with comfy bean bags and shaded areas for really hot days.
-Whale watching when in season (July to Sept).
-Fully air-conditioned (an absolute must in the summer).
-Dive platform & huge inflatable slide– not for the faint of heart!
-Incredibly friendly and professional crew that go out of their way to ensure you have the best holiday!
-Get your camera out for the pod of dolphins that visit us on 8 out of 10 trips.  This family have been visiting us for years – our favourite thing!
-Snorkel at North Hook, the best diving and snorkelling around!  Look for some amazing species of fish and marine life including the parrot fish, bat fish, cuttlefish, giant clams and of course NEMO!
-Cold beer, balmy evenings,  gazing at the southern cross  whilst you  spot the shooting stars...priceless!


What's included

Fresh linen, sheets, blankets and pillows.
All freshly prepared meals and snacks – special diets on request.
Please BYO drinks to be stored in our massive walk in cold room.
12 Person Spa.
2 Water slides, 1 massive 8 Metre Water slide!
6 Metre Dive platform.
Air-conditioning and hot showers
Stinger suits, snorkel equipment.
2,3,4, berth cabins – we have 21 cabins
Night time fun with the crew - we are famous for it!
Breakfast : Some
Lunch : Some
Dinner : Some