Fraser Island From Noosa

Fraser Island From Noosa

Noosa National Park

Noosa National Park

Visiting Fraser Island from Noosa is a great way to save time while travelling the East Coast of Australia, especially if you’re coming from Sydney/Brisbane northbound. Noosa is an amazing town in its own right, and I fully recommend people spend 2-3 days, even if you don’t choose to go to Fraser from here. There are plenty of amazing sights and things to do- there’s Noosa National Park in the town, the Noosa Everglades, the Glasshouse Mountains, and some great surfing from Noosa Beach- with most hostels providing surf boards for free, with only a deposit needed to take them out.

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Noosa Everglades

Noosa Everglades

Getting to Noosa is relatively easy- Premier Motor Service and Greyhound both have drop offs at Noosa Bus Station, and there are also options of transfers from Brisbane Airport. It’s also well connected to the rest of the Sunshine Coast.
If you’re still looking for a bus pass, you can see a comparison between the different companies here, and get discounts off them all here.

Firstly, why visit Fraser Island? Sure it’s just a big island of sand! Which is true... but this big island of sand is the biggest in the world, one of the few places in the world where rain forest grows on sand, it’s surrounded by crystal clear water, and it’s pocketed with freshwater lakes and creeks, with incredibly clear waters, like nowhere else in the world, it’s got a 75 mile beach highway, with no roads, and it has Australia’s purest breed of dingo. Fraser Island is an amazing trip, and is often the travellers greatest highlight when they visit Australia’s East Coast (Of course, there is also the Whitsundays, The Great Barrier Reef, Magnetic Island, Byron Bay, and so on!).

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75 Mile Beach from the air

75 Mile Beach from the air

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There are a ton of different Fraser Island tours that depart from Noosa, all of them focusing on different groups of people. For example, the tagalong tours are all incredibly fun.. but really focused on travellers under the age of 30, as they tend to turn the campsites into huge drinking sessions (the exception here is Dropbear, who are more the ‘beer around the campfire’ rather than, ‘two boxes of goon and lets see what happens’). The overnight 4wd bus trips tend to be more mature, informative, with less focus on drinking and more on relaxing while on the island. The day trips are for those short on time, or money, and usually go as far as Lake Mackenzie, before turning back (especially as it’s quite a drive to Fraser Island from Noosa).

Driving to Fraser Island From Noosa

Driving to Fraser Island from Noosa means you need to drive to Inskip Point, just above Rainbow Beach. This road gives you two options- you can take the Bruce Highway, or go along the beach along Cooloola National Park between Noosa and Rainbow Beach (Tide dependent). It’s highly advised to have experience driving 4wds on sand before, as often times people get stuck. Also, good insurance is essential, as accidents do happen, and normal insurance sometimes won’t cover Fraser Island.

Why you should have insurance for Fraser Island.

For Fraser Island, you’ll need: A 4wd, A Camping Permit, A Vehicle Permit, to book your barge transport from Inskip Point, camping equipment, jerry cans full of fuel, a 10 litre tank of water, and we highly advise to bring food, as the islands food is expensive, and digging equipment for when you get stuck in the sand.

Renting 4wds in Noosa is expensive, and we advise to rent them in Rainbow Beach or Hervey Bay, as this saves a ton on money on fuel, and there are several companies that can organise everything for you, from your permits, to booking the ferry tickets, to renting camping equipment. Here are the prices for rentals in Rainbow Beach and Hervey Bay:


Rainbow Beach Adventure Company (all inclusive):

1 day (without/with camping equipment): $445

2 day rental: $760/$860

3 day rental: $1120/$1220

4 day rental: $1495/$1595

5 day rental: $1890/ $1990

Use the discount code FRASER on checkout to get 10% off at Tripfarm.

Hervey Bay (Camping permits and gear can be added for $30 per person per night):

2 day rental (group/2 people):$725/$655 Tripfarm $689/$639

3 day rental: $890/$810 Tripfarm $859/$789

4 day rental: $1060 Tripfarm: $1019

If you want a price comparison, be sure to send us a message.

Fraser Island Day Trips from Noosa

Discovery Fraser

Fraser Discovery.jpg

Discovery Fraser Island is a respected Noosa tour company, which also operates tours of the Noosa Everglades. They have passionate, friendly guides, and the people that tend to book Discovery Fraser are a mix of backpackers, students, and mature travellers. They use 4wd buses that can bring up to 24 passengers at a time to Fraser, along with a guide. Obviously, you’re not able to drive the bus, if you want the experience of driving on sand go for the tagalong tours. Discovery Fraser’s day trip leaves early and visits 75 Mile Beach, Lake McKenzie, and goes through the rainforests of Satinay and Brushbox. It also includes lunch and a guided rainforest walk. Great for those short on time or money, or who just want to see Lake Mckenzie!

Departs: Everyday, with pickups before 7am from anywhere between Sunshine Beach and Noosa. Also offers a pick up from Rainbow Beach at 8am at a reduced rate.

Price: $185 adult, $135 child (Noosa), $165 (Rainbow Beach). Use the discount code FRASER to get 10% off at Tripfarm.

Fraser Adventure Tours

Fraser Island Adventure Tours.jpg

Fraser Adventure Tours are similar to Discovery Fraser, as in they are a 4wd bus, but, they tend to have different itineraries depending on the tour. They also tend to cater for a more mature audience. They have two distinct tours: The Nature Tour, which travels along 75 Mile Beach, but instead of going to Lake Mckenzie, visits Eli Creek and the Maheno Shipwreck. It also travels along Cooloola National Park, which is great for spotting wild red kangaroos, before getting the ferry to Fraser Island from Inskip Point. The Adventure Tour visits Lake Mackenzie, Central Station, and 75 Mile Beach, and also includes beer with lunch!

Departs: Everyday around 6am from Noosa, 7:30am from Rainbow Beach

Price: $190 from Noosa, $180 from Rainbow Beach, contact us for a discount and availability.

Overnight Fraser Island Bus Tours From Noosa 

Sunset Safaris

Sunset Safaris

Sunset Safaris

Sunset Safaris are a Queensland based tour company that run Fraser Island,  Moreton Island, and Great Barrier Reef Tours from everywhere in South East Queensland. Their 2 day 1 night actually starts in the Gold Coast, with pickups in Brisbane and Noosa, the only tour that offers trips to Fraser from below the Sunshine Coast. Sunset Safari’s are known for their fun filled tours, with energetic guides, a good mix of passengers, and a beach bar at night. They also travel along the beach between Noosa and Rainbow Beach, allowing you to explore Cooloola National Park, the beach of Rainbow Beach, and to spot wild red kangaroos on-route! Over the two days you’ll visit 75 Mile Beach, Eurong Beach, Yidney Dripping Rocks, Eli Creek, Maheno Shipwreck, Coloured Sands, Indian Head with Dolphin, Turtles, Sharks and Whalesightings, when in season, and spend the night in Eurong Resort, in a dorm (Although upgrades are available). Other destinations include Lake Birrabeen, Wanggoolba Creek, and the Scenic Lakes Drive. It’s an action packed two days, with food included (although you might have to get a late lunch before leaving Fraser on the second day).

I’d recommend Sunset Safari’s if your short on time but still want an overnight trip, or if you don’t want to go all the way to Rainbow Beach and wait 2 nights. Otherwise go with Fraser Explorer from Rainbow Beach- It’s cheaper, and you get longer on Fraser Island.

Departs: Mondays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays, everyday from 15/12- 31/01. Pick ups start at 5:30am in the Gold Coast, Brisbane 7:15am, and Noosa at 9:15am.

Price: $399 (+$60 to pay on board) from the Gold Coast, $369 (+$60) from Brisbane, $359 (+$60) from Noosa/Sunshine Coast. Contact us for a discount and availability.

Fraser Island Tagalong Tours from Noosa, 2 Days 1 Night 

Fraser Island Group Tour

Tagalong Tours vs Bus Tours: The main reason to do a tagalong tour over a bus tour, is the fact that the 4wds are in a self drive convoy- you have a tour guide in the first vehicle, but the rest of the convoy is all guests driving- so if you’re over 21, you can drive too. It builds a good atmosphere in your 4wd, as there is a maximum of 7 people per vehicle, and you can play your own music- while communicating with others through the radio. It also takes the stress out of renting your own 4wd, as you have someone to guide you, and is cheaper if you are less than 4 people. Your luggage can be stored for free wherever you book the tour from. Of course, bus tours are good if you’re planning on going for a single day, if you don’t like the idea of guests driving, or if you want a more comfortable ride- there’s not a lot of space in the 4wds!
For tagalong tours, you need to be there the day before for a safety briefing for Fraser Island, and you need to show your full drivers licence if you’d like to drive on the island. Otherwise, you can do a safety briefing early the morning of departure.

Bring swimwear, towels, a change of clothes, suncream, sunglasses, a hat, water, and alcohol during your tour- things on the island are very expensive.

Nomads Fraser Island

nomads fraser.jpg
Maheno Shipwreck

Maheno Shipwreck

Nomads Fraser Island are the party Fraser Island tour from Noosa- expect late nights, drunken romances, sightseeing hungover, and a damn good time. Organised by Noosa’s party hostel, Nomads Noosa, the 2 day tour takes you on a 4wd adventure, visiting Lake McKenzie, Eli Creek, the Maheno Shipwreck, Lake Wabby, and the Coloured Sands, while staying the night in Eurong Resort, in 6 bed dorm accommodation. There is a bar on site, and guests get crazy discounts of up to 60% off drinks (I’d definitely suggest sneaking a box of goon or two though, for luck). All inclusive (except alcohol), Nomads Fraser is a great shout if you’re going to be in Noosa and don’t want to spend too long in Rainbow Beach, or Hervey Bay. However, the 2 day 1 night tours get booked out very early, and don’t depart everyday, so it’s best to book well in advance.

On pick up of the car, you need to pay a $250 refundable deposit, or a $10 insurance fee. Apart from that, it is all inclusive, with food, ferries, and fuel all included. 4wds are manual.

Departs: Thursdays and Saturdays, January to April.

Price: $419, $439 with 2 nights extra accommodation in Nomads Noosa.

Use the discount code FRASER to get 10% off at Tripfarm.



Ahhh dropbears, this tours namesake is Australia’s most dangerous animal, and the tour is Fraser Islands top rated every year since 2015. And for good reason. Dropbear Adventures is family owned, with handpicked guides, chosen based on their passion for Fraser Island. They stay in a Beachside hostel for the night, in 8 bed dorms. Dropbear in general tends to attract a more alternative crowd, and visits Lake Birrabeen, Lake Boomanjin, the Maheno Shipwreck, the Pinnacles, Tea Tree Lake, and 75 Mile Beach. They also travel through Cooloola National Park on the way to Fraser, so you might see red kangaroos in the wild along with dingoes on Fraser Island! Dropbear also have didgeridoo playing after dinner, boomerang throwing on 75 Mile Beach, and, of course, music around the campfire each night. The 4wds are also automatic, for the Americans out there!
Definitely book in advance, as Dropbear is usually full 2-3 weeks beforehand, especially the 2 day trip. They can also drop you off in Rainbow Beach afterwards if you want to spend a few days there, and never charge any extra fees.

Departs: Tuesdays and Thursdays, Noosa and Rainbow Beach

Price: $399, Use the discount code FRASER to get 10% off at Tripfarm.

Fraser Island Tagalong Tours from Noosa, 3 Days and 2 Nights

Lake Birrabeen

Lake Birrabeen

 The joy about going for 3 days and 2 nights to Fraser, is that you get so much more time to explore- Fraser is literally too big to see it all in just 2 days, especially when you arrive and depart from the very south of the Island. With 3 days and 2 nights, you get a chance to see and relax in the Champagne Pools, where the water bubbles through like Champagne, and where the wild fish nibble on you, along with a longer time in each location, more hikes, a better chance of spotting dingos, and more time to bond with your 4wd mates!

Nomads Fraser Island

Lake Mckenzie

Lake Mckenzie

Like Nomads 2 day trip, their 3 day trip has a reputation of been a bit of a party trip, only this time, extended. Instead of turning around at the Maheno Shipwreck, you continue on north to Indian Head, where you get an amazing viewpoint to spot whales and sharks in the water below, before continuing on to the Champagne Pools. Accommodation is again in dorms at the 4 star Eurong Resort, with a bar on site that guests have ridiculous discounts in. After the tour, there is also free drinks and an after party in Nomads Noosa’s bar.. If you can handle another round of it. You can also add on 2 or 3 nights before and after your tour, for only $10 a night.

Champagne Pools

Champagne Pools

On pick up of the car, you need to pay a $250 refundable deposit, or a $10 insurance fee. Apart from that, it is all inclusive, with food, ferries, and fuel all included. 4wds are manual.

Departs: Mondays, Wednesdays, Saturdays.

Price: $509 camping, $529 dorms on Fraser, $549 with 2 nights extra accommodation in Nomads Noosa. Use the discount code FRASER to get 10% off at Tripfarm.


Lake Wabby

Lake Wabby

Dropbear’s 3 day 2 night tour is insanely popular- the top rated Fraser Island tour on TripAdvisor, consistently with amazing guides, and as a family owned business that’s impressive. The differences between Dropbears 2 day tour and 3 day tour is that their 3 day tour is wilderness camping, which makes it a little wilder, and a little more rugged than the dorm accommodation. Secondly, the 3 day tour also goes to Lake Mckenzie, Indian Head, and the Champagne Pools, where the 2 day tour simply doesn’t have time. They also have Jumbo Jenga, beach games, and cards at the campsite. At their campsite, you can hear the waves of the ocean (And also go down at night, the stars are only better in the outback than here). The camp is set up, with 2 people to a tent, sleeping bags, pillows, a dustpan and brush, and the campsite also has hot showers and a kitchen for food.  Be prepared for singing around the campfire, and a nice chilled out camping trip. There is an option of a double bed for all you lovebirds out there. The 4wds are automatic, so it’s like driving a huge 4wd go kart, and we definitely advise to book in advance, as Dropbear is usually full 2-3 weeks beforehand. Dropbear can also drop you off in Rainbow Beach afterwards if you want to spend a few days there, and never charge any extra fees.
Departs: Mondays and Fridays, Noosa and Rainbow Beach

Price: $499 all inclusive. Use the discount code FRASER to get 10% off at Tripfarm.

Fraser Island View of Indian Head

Fraser Island View of Indian Head

Picking your Fraser Island Tour 

Still don’t know what tour is for you? Ask yourself the following questions:

Lake Mckenzie

Lake Mckenzie

Are you short on time or money? Do a one day tour with Fraser Explorer from Rainbow Beach or Fraser Discovery from Noosa- Rainbow Beach takes longer to get to but is cheaper.

Are you short on time but want to do a camping tagalong tour? There are two day options from Noosa (Nomads Fraser and Dropbear), This depends on availability, as they get booked out weeks in advance. Nomads Fraser is for more partiers, Dropbear is for those who prefer a few quiet drinks around the campfire. Nomads Fraser is only December-April.

Are you short on money but want to do a tagalong tour? Do a two day option with Nomads Fraser, Dingos, or, the cheapest, with Dingo Fraser in Hervey Bay.

Are you travelling with parents/more mature travelers? Do a 4wd bus tour, such as Discovery Fraser, Fraser Explorer, or Sunset Safaris and do an overnight stay.

Do you want a camping tagalong 4wd tour with a party atmosphere? This is the toughest to choose- Dingos is the classic one, from Rainbow Beach- and it’s excellent. Pippies is the same, and cheaper (The only difference is different campsites). Nomads Fraser is further from the island, as they depart from Noosa, you can save time going from here, but it’s also more expensive as it’s longer driving. Nomads Fraser also have dorm sleeping options,not just camping like the others, but is not BYOB as it’s located on a bar premises, but they do have up to 60% off drinks at the bar.

Do you want a 4wd tagalong without the excessive partying? Dropbear is the one for you- From Rainbow Beach or Noosa.

Want a young person overnight 4wd bus tour that’s a good mix of people? Discovery Fraser or Cool Dingos (Cool Dingos is from Rainbow Beach or Hervey Bay).

To summarise- Go from Noosa if your short on time, don’t want to stop in Rainbow Beach/Hervey Bay, or if you’re in Brisbane and want to go to Fraser for a long weekend.

Travelling further north after Fraser? Book a package with the Whitsundays and save $$$. And check out our Exploring Airlie Beach guide and our Whitsundays Party Boats guides!

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Have you been to Fraser Island? What tour did you choose? Let us know in the comments!