Heli Hike Franz Josef Glacier


Heli Hike Franz Josef Glacier

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Heli Hike the amazing Franz Josef Glacier, with a 15 minute helicopter ride each way, and 3 full hours hiking on paths cut out of the ice. Each day is different, and each route is different, as new paths must be made each week, but they are all equally amazing. It’s not just the ice and views that are out of this world- you also hear the ice thundering as it cracks and smashing into the glacier from higher up on the ice. Your guides will bring you through this ice filled landscape, where the hundreds of different hues in the ice will take your breath away- if the cold already hasn’t.

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Max 11 people per guide

Minimum age: 8 years

Difficulty: Moderate

Duration up to 4.5hrs
Ice time up to 3hrs

Breathable Rain Jacket
Waterproof over-trousers (if required)
Socks and sturdy boots (or you have the option to wear your own hiking boots)
Crampons (with small waist bag) for superior glacier grip
Woollen hats and gloves (if required)

2-4 warm upper body layers ideally woollen or polypro (not cotton)
Quick drying trousers or shorts (no jeans)
Food and drink for the day
Sunglasses, sunscreen, camera

What not to bring:
iPods / MP3 players
Mobile Phones
Car / Room Keys

Please Note: We have a weight limit of 115kg per person and can not guide any pregnant persons. 

What's included

3 hour guided walk on the glacier with a scenic helicopter transfer to and from glacier. 
All gear included, with complimentary entry to the Glacier Hot Pools

What to bring

2-4 warm upper body layers and lightweight pants. Sunglasses, snacks and water

Check in (Summer): 8.15am, 9.00am, 10.40am, 11.25pm and 12.15pm

Check in (Winter): 9.00am, 10.40am and 11.25am