Zorbing Rotorua

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Zorbing Rotorua

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Zorbing is the most New Zealand pasttime you can think of. Who wouldn’t want to get into a giant plastic ball, half filled with warm water, and roll down hills? And why not put 2-3 people in said ball, and roll it down a variety of differing steepnesses and hills?


Not convinced? Check out the video here.

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ZORB® is just a totally bizarre and fun adventure experience where you'd jump into a 3.1m (11ft) inflated globe and roll down a hill whilst been protected by a massive cushion of air!

Throw in a bucket of water, hop inside the inflated ZORB® globe, tumble, flip or slide inside it, doesn't sound fun enough yet? Take up to 2 of your mates with you inside the ZORB®!

ZORB® is the adventure of rolling down a hill inside a giant inflatable ball and where New Zealand, once again leads the world in amazing things to do while you're on a holiday!

We offer three different rides:
i) Zydro (wet) - Single Person - 3 track options, including "The ZIgZag" and "The Drop"
ii) Zydro (wet) - Multi Person - 2 or 3 people in the same ZORB® globe down the straight track

In the Zydro we add water into the ZORB® globe so you can tumble or slide inside as the globe hurtles down the hill.  This is great on your own or with two or three people inside together.  We have cool water in Summer and warm water in Winter!  Try our "Zig Zag" or the worlds ONLY  "The Drop" track for the more adventurous Zorbonaut, available to single Zydro riders only.

Not convinced? Check out the video here