Ningaloo Dreaming Whale Shark Swim

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Ningaloo Dreaming Whale Shark Swim

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Something magical is happening off Exmouth.

Something very few have experienced, and almost all who have will remember for the rest of their lives!

You (or someone special) can venture out into the big blue of the Ningaloo, and swim with a truly massive, truly majestic humpback whale, (or two!).  And be stunned and mesmerised and awed by their size, grace and very presence.  (Looking a humpback in the eye is a truly unique experience!)

When its over, you too may have memories (and photos!) of swimming with a humpback to savour for a lifetime.

Ningaloo Whale Shark Swim has been selected by the Department of Parks and Wildlife to participate in a trial of humpback whale swimming tours. So if you have ever wanted to get up close and personal with a humpback, please book yourself onto one of our tours soon to make sure you don't miss out.


Ningaloo Whale Shark Swim leads the Ningaloo industry in successfully swimming with a humpback whale, in terms of success rates and total number of whale swimming tours conducted to date.

Getting to swim with a whale is a numbers game - and we are doing everything we can to make these work in your favour.  Our spotter plane stays up longer than any other whale or ecotour to find as many pods of suitable whales as possible for our whale tour boat to approach and drop our swimmers on.  Our pilot then stays above us, providing directions to our in-water guide via their waterproof radio of where to swim to maximise your chance of actually getting to swim with a whale.

We are going to be doing everything we can to provide every whale swimmer the opportunity to swim with a whale. However, we can’t guarantee you a whale swim - the whales, Mother Nature, the weather and the ocean may well have other ideas! Our Whale Swim Guarantees are our way of looking after each and every one of our guests as best as we are able given this:    

Our Whale Swim Guarantees

If you don't get to swim within 30m of a humpback whale, you can:

  1. Come out again standby on our next available tour to try again.  And keep coming out to try again until your scheduled departure date for just $50 a day.

  2. Or get a $100 Gift Voucher valid until Dec 31 2019 or until the Humpback Whale Swimming Pilot is cancelled that is both sellable and transferable. 

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