Peru Hop Full South Lima to Cusco

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Peru Hop Full South Lima to Cusco

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Normally $289 AUD/$199 USD.

Peru Hop is the safest and best way to see Peru, Bolivia, and Ecuador, hop on hop off style. This means you have the option of staying in a place you like for longer, and with daily departures from everywhere, this gives travellers total flexibility.

With free pick ups from most hostels (So no taxis/public transport to the bus station, a huge plus, especially in Lima), a bus driver who is also your guide, guaranteed accommodation, and a group of like minded travellers, it’s perfect for both groups and individuals.

Time of Departure

07:00am EVERY DAY - The Cultural Route

06:00am EVERY DAY - The Express Route

Pick up Location

Any hotel/hostel in Miraflores or Barranco. Selected points in downtown (old town) Lima.

Note: If staying outside of these areas or at a residential address, then please select our central meeting point: MC DONALDS, PARQUE KENNEDY - MIRAFLORES as your pick-up location.

Minimum time needed is 5 days/6 nights.


  • Take a speedboat out to the Ballestas Islands to see penguins and sea lions in their natural habitat. – Paracas

  • Dune Buggy up and Sandboard down the biggest sand dunes at the only desert oasis in South America. – Huacachina

  • Make a quick stop (1 hour) to see the Nazca Lines for free, or let us assist with a Nazca Lines flight. – Nazca

  • Tour or trek the second deepest Canyon in the world at the Colca Canyon. – Arequipa

  • Take a boat to Lake Titicaca, the highest navigable lake in the world, and visit families living on the floating islands. – Puno

  • Visit the Sacred Valley and tour/trek to the world famous ruins of Machu Picchu. – Cusco

  • Free hotel/hostel pickups and dropoffs at every stop. Avoid ripoffs and unsafe taxis.


  • Exclusive tour of the Secret Slave Tunnels in Chincha. 17km of underground tunnels used to smuggle slaves in the XVII century. – UNIQUE STOP

  • Pisco Vineyard Tour – Discover how Pisco is made from grape to bottle and taste free samples of Peru’s national liquor.

  • Paracas National Reserve – One of the biggest protected deserts in the Americas – incredible views of desert meeting the ocean.

  • Nazca Lines Viewing Tower – Climb the tower and see 3 of the Nazca Lines for free.

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  • The hot relaxing beach town of Paracas is four hours from the loud busy city of Lima. If you want to travel directly from Lima to Paracas with us read more about our Express Route in Departure Details below. Alternatively, enjoy experiencing the fascinating, authentic Peruvian way of life on our Culture Route – packed with free stops and tours.


    The cultural route is the extended journey to Paracas and includes free local stops to experience authentic Peruvian culture. Departs at 07:00am. Nothing mentioned below is included in the Express Journey.

    First stop, we’ll take you to a unique beach hut bakery for some must-try Peruvian cuisine at prices as cheap as $1! Some consider it to be Lima’s best spot to get breakfast!

    Next, we’ll stop at the most fascinating, infamous, and historical spot yet – Hacienda San Jose. A beautiful estate hiding secret underground tunnels dating back from the XVII century, once used to smuggle slaves.


    Rent normal bikes or quad bikes and drive around the desert

    Paraglide over Peru’s largest protected natural habitat

    Practice kite surfing on the waves that crash against the desert

    Chill out by the pool or at the beach that stays sunny all year round

    Paracas National Reserve where the desert meets the sea. Check out our Instagram for some pics of this unbelievable spot 
    Note: Free with your Peru Hop wristband.

    Enjoy Ceviche, the national dish of Peru, on the rooftop of Restaurant Paracas – with one of the best views of the city. Note: exclusive discounted price when you show your Peru Hop wristband

    Ballestas Islands: See Paracas wildlife such as penguins, sea lions, marine birds and sometimes even dolphins or whales. The tour of the ‘poor man’s Galapagos’ lasts about 2 hours and begins at 08:00am or 10:00am.


    Lima to Paracas – The Culture Route

    Departure: EVERY DAY

    Departures From: Any hotel/hostel in Miraflores or Barranco. Selected points in downtown (old town) Lima.

    Departure Time: 07:00am*

    Arrival Time: 13:30pm

    *During the days of 26, 27, 28 & 29 of July 2019, the departure time will be changed to 06:00am

    Note:The Cultural Route is not more time on a bus. The free extra stops and tours on route are the reason for the later arrival time.

    Lima to Paracas – Express Route

    Departures: EVERY DAY

    Departures from: Any hotel/hostel in Miraflores or Barranco. Selected points in downtown (old town) Lima.

    Departure time: 06:00am*

    Arrival time: 10:00am

    *During the days of 26, 27, 28 & 29 of July 2019, the departure time will be changed to 05:00am

    Note:Note: The Express Route journey has no stops. It is four straight hours on a bus from Lima to Paracas. Ideal for those short on time.

    Recommended Nights in Paracas:
    We recommend staying at least 1 night in Paracas. This way you will have the chance to experience the Ballestas Islands boat tour, seeing the wild marine animals and visit the Paracas National Reserve, where the desert meets the sea. We can help you book your Paracas accommodation onboard.


    If you take the express 06:00am bus it is not necessary to spend the night in Paracas. You can arrive at 10am and have 3 hours in Paracas before leaving for Huacacina at 1pm. Enjoy a visit to the Paracas National Reserve (included free stop) OR a boat tour to Ballestas Islands (optional extra) and continue to Huacachina the same day. Note – there is NOT time to do both the Reserva and the Ballestas. However, we strongly recommend the 07:00am bus (Cultural Route) to stop and see more along the way!

    Drop off: Paracas is a small town, where the bus can only drive on one street. Hotel Frayles is our drop-off point – 1 minute walk from all popular hotels and hostels.


    Huacachina is only a short one hour 15 min journey from Paracas but feels like travelling from one paradise to another. Leave the quaint cultural home of the National Reserve and arrive to the only desert oasis in all of South America.


    Explore the only desert oasis in South America

    Visit a Pisco Vineyard and learn all about how the national drink of Peru is made

    Camp overnight in the dunes and gaze at the stars

    Relax by the pool and soak in the heat of the desert

    Dunebuggy and Sandboarding: Guaranteed to be one of the biggest adrenalin rushes you will have in your life! Dune Buggy through the dunes of the desert, sandboard down and finish it all off by taking some stunning snaps of the desert sunset at the end. The tour begins at 16:00pm and lasts 2 hours.


    Departures: DAILY

    Departures From: Residencial Los Frayles (within close walking distance of most hotels/hostels in Paracas).

    Departure Time: 13:00pm*

    Arrival Time: 14:15pm

    *During the days of 26, 27, 28 & 29 of July 2019, the departure time will be changed to 12:00pm


    Recommended Nights in Huacachina:
    We recommend staying 1 night in Huacachina. This way you can enjoy looking at the stars from the desert oasis during the night and also experience the fun day time activity of a dune buggy and sandboarding tour! We can help you book your accommodation.

    Huacachina is a small town, where the bus can only drive on one street. Wild Rover Hostel is our drop-off point and is less than a 5 min walk from all other popular hostels and hotels.


    After the incredibly hot and picturesque Huacachina it’s time for the next leg of the journey. Walk through an alluring Pisco Vineyard, and see the famous Nazca lines for yourself from the viewing tower. Finally arrive in the stunning volcano surrounded, white city of Arequipa.

    The Culture Route

    Once departed from Huacachina, it can feel like a long journey ahead to Arequipa. However, we’ve found the perfect local destinations just off the beaten track where you can learn about and experience some of the most interesting parts of Peruvian culture.

    First stop is the Pisco Vineyard, only 15 mins from Huacachina. Take a tour of a boutique vineyard to discover how Pisco, the national drink of Peru, is made. Best of all, get lots of free samples of pure pisco, sweet wine, and Pisco baileys! This tour lasts an hour long.

    Approximately 3 hours after leaving Huacachina (including tours), it’s time for our next pitstop, the Nazca Lines Viewing Tower. The Nazca lines are an age-old mystery of giant etches left on the earth. No one knows who left them or how! We’ll spend an hour here where you can climb the Viewing Tower and see 3 of the biggest Nazca Lines free with your Peru Hop pass.

    Finally you’ll arrive to Arequipa, probably Peru’s most beautiful city. It is surrounded by 3 volcanos and is known as ‘The White City’ because many of it’s buildings are constructed from sillar, a white volcanic stone. We highly recommend taking time to explore this incredible place.


    Colca Canyon Trek – requires more time to adjust to the altitude but is considered a must-do activity when staying in Arequipa

    Go white water rafting – a fun activity for people of all ages

    Explore the marvelous snow-capped volcano, Misti Mountain

    Nazca Flights Flight: If you want to do the Nazca Lines Flight, you can sign up for the private shuttle service that we help organize through our onboard guide. The shuttle departs Huacachina at 8:30am, you take the flight at 11am and then you can meet our Peru Hop bus at 7pm in Nazca.

    Ask your guide for more information about this.

    Colca Canyon Tour: A relaxed mix of bus rides and walking for those who cannot stay 4 or 5 days in Arequipa to do a difficult trek.

    Extra Colca Canyon Tour Info: Colca Canyon 2 day tour begins at 08:00am (can be done on the same day as arrival).
    Full day tour begins at 03:00am (stay 1 night Arequipa, do this tour the next day).
    2 and 3 day treks that begin at 03:00am are available also.


    Departures: EVERY DAY

    Departures from: Wild Rover Hostel (within close walking distance of most hotels/hostels in Huacachina).

    Departure time: 13:00pm

    Arrival time: 05:30am (next day)


    Recommended Nights in Arequipa:
    We recommend staying 2 nights in Arequipa. This way you can do a quick tour or trek of Colca Canyon and spend some time exploring the stunning city. We can help you book your accommodation.

    Note: We do not recommend spending time in Nazca as there is not much to do, but your ticket does allow you to hop off in Nazca and get on the next bus if you so wish.

    Any hostel/hotel in central Arequipa (within 1km of Plaza de Armas).


    Puno is the next stop after the beautiful white city of Arequipa. It is only a few hours away and is right by the highest lake in the world – Lake Titicaca, a must-visit for anyone in Peru. Note: Having gradually increased in altitude by bus will help with avoiding and adjusting to altitude sickness.

    The Cultural Route

    To break up this leg of the journey we’ve added a stop at Lagunillas Mirador Viewpoint. This photo stop is at the stunning Andean Altiplano with views down onto the Lagunillas Lake.


    Night Stay on Isla Amantani at a local homestay. For more info. just ask your guide.

    Visit the captivating Sillustani burial towers.

    Kayak on the highest navigable lake in the world.

    Lake Titicaca Tour: See how locals build and live on the floating islands of Lake Titicaca, the highest navigable lake in the world.


    Departures: EVERY DAY

    Departures From: Any hotel/hostel in central Arequipa.

    Departure Time: 05:45am

    Arrival Time: 13:00pm


    Recommended Nights in Puno:
    We recommend staying 1 night in Puno. Puno is a small place with not much to do apart from visiting the Uros floating islands, Isla Taquile, and Isla Amantani on Lake Titicaca. Overnight stays on Isla Amantani are possible for those who want to explore more of the islands. We can help you book your accommodation.

    Any hostel/hotel in central Puno (within 1km of Plaza de Armas).


    This leg of the journey takes you from Puno, popular for Lake Titicaca, the highest lake in the world, to Cusco, the enthralling city famously known as the gateway to Machu Picchu. Full of culture and history, Cusco is a city not to be passed through quickly.


    Explore the historic city of Cusco

    Venture to the Sacred Valley and walk through one of the many trails set out by the Incas long ago

    Go white water rafting (Urubamba/Apurimac rivers)

    Go quad biking by the fascinating Moray terraces and Maras salt flats

    Go horseback riding to local places such as Kenko, Temple of the Moon, Puka Pukara, Tambomachay and more

    Machu Picchu: Do either a trek (Classic Inca Trail or Salkantay), or maybe a combined trek/biking tour (Inka Jungle Trek) or take the train in and back (can be done as a full day but 2 days staying the night before in Aguas Calientes is advised).


    Day Bus

    Departures: EVERY DAY

    Departures From: Any hotel/hostel in central Puno.

    Departure Time: 10:00am

    Arrival Time: 18:30pm


    Night Bus

    Departures: EVERY NIGHT

    Departures From: Any hotel/hostel in central Puno.

    Departure Time: 21:30pm

    Arrival Time: 06:00am NEXT DAY (sleep on our big semi-cama reclining seat!)


    Recommended Nights in Cusco:
    We recommend staying 3-4 nights in Cusco (not including nights allocated to touring/trekking Machu Picchu). There are many interesting, culture-based activities to do in and around Cusco. 3-4 nights is the perfect time to try a few of the different activities before moving on.

    For legal reasons, big buses cannot drive in the historical centre of Cusco. Peru Hop Private Terminal is the drop off point. Click here to view map.